Policy regarding the protection of personal data

Solid Consult Time SRL welcomes you to its web page and thanks you for your interest in the company and its products and services.

We pay close attention to the protection of your personal data and we want you to feel safe while visiting our web pages and in direct connection, by all means of communication made available by our company.

The protection of your privacy during the processing of personal data is an important aspect for us, which we take into account during the course of our operational processes. The personal data of the visitors of our web pages and those collected physically or on other online channels from the clients and our potential clients are recorded and processed safely and according to the legal provisions regarding the protection of data valid in Romania and detailed by the General Regulation on Data Protection.

The identification data of Solid Consult Time SRL are the following: CIF: 17313835 , Nr. RC: J40 / 15286/2011, the registered office: Bucharest, Sector 6, Splaiul Independentei 273.

Data processing means operations such as: collecting, recording, organizing, storing, modifying, extracting, consulting, using, transmitting, combining, restricting, deleting, destroying, archiving personal data, etc.

In the continuation of this Policy regarding the processing of personal data, reference will be made to “Client”.

By using the term „Client” the company Solid Consult Time SRL understands any representative of the general public, with whom the company comes in contact and does not represent a limitation on the person who purchased a product / service or with which there is a contract in progress.

Ways to get Solid Consult Time SRL data.

The data are obtained directly from the Client and / or from a Client’s authorized person (when forms or documents are completed, the web page, the online applications, or by any other means of communication are accessed).

In addition, Solid Consult Time SRL can obtain the above data by consulting external sources. By external sources we mean public institutions and authorities, public registers and guides, information that you have made available to the public through social media, as well as on the Internet.

At the same time, the data can also be obtained from our associated operators or from the operators for whom we are empowered – for example the network of clients and partners with whom Solid Consult Time SRL collaborates.

The client can make available personal data by completing forms from the website, by contract, by fiscal invoices issued to him, by participating in various marketing actions of the company, in which he has completed forms, etc.

Sign up for the newsletter

On our website, the public may have the opportunity to subscribe to various newsletters, the data offered for subscription will be used exclusively for marketing purposes, unless you have consented to other uses of the data. You can stop the subscription to the newsletter at any time, using the possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter or by submitting a written request to [email protected].

Legal basis on which Solid Consult Time SRL processes personal data.

The company Solid Consult Time SRL processes personal data based on the following legal bases:

  • for the execution of a contract to which the Client or the data subject is a party (eg: selling – buying products, providing support services for the purchased products, sending notifications / information about the product owned).
  • based on the solid interest of the company Solid Consult Time SRL (for example: survey in order to develop and improve products and services, streamline the way the entire network operates, optimize processes (the company), centralize operations and maintain an internal database, analysis statistics regarding the clients portfolio, analysis and minimization of financial risks, reputations to which the company is exposed in relation to the provision of services and products, providing answers to the requests of clients or the public);
  • based on the Client’s consent, if it has been granted (eg in the case of marketing);
  • based on the interest of the data subject (eg information about the services purchased).

The purposes for which the company Solid Consult Time SRL processes personal data.

The purposes for which Solid Consult Time SRL processes personal data are:

  • the supply of products and services, through all the channels available for this purpose (eg internet, telephone, etc.);
  • identification of the data subjects both in the physical locations of Solid Consult Time SRL , as well as through the means of communication (eg telephone, e-mail, mail, internet);
  • centralizing the operations and maintaining an internal database, in which the data regarding the data subjects are stored, so that they can be used by the departments and structures of Solid Consult Time SRL in their activity (eg the use of these data implies their processing by to the internal applications of Solid Consult Time SRL , which are used by the relevant departments in the activity);
  • contacting the Client / other data subject through the means of communication in order to inform / notify information about the products and services Solid Consult Time SRL contracted (eg: expiration, modification / completion of features / costs / functionalities / benefits of products);
  • providing support services for the requests of the Client / data subject (eg additional information about the products, updating some of the identification data, conducting investigations regarding the malfunctions of the products and / or services offered, solving the requests, complaints and petitions formulated), both in the physical locations of Solid Consult Time SRL , as well as through the means of communication (eg telephone, e-mail, post);
  • creating or analyzing profiles for the improvement of products / services, for carrying out any other types of product / service promotion, or for carrying out direct marketing activities through any means of communication (eg communication by mail, telephone, fax, e -mail, SMS of advertisements addressed directly and specifically to a certain person) if the Client has accepted it through any request or form of the company, based on consent.
  • carrying out general marketing or advertising activities, customer loyalty activities based on consent and conducting surveys (online, postal or telephone).
  • identifying the situations in which the users of the social networks are clients of the company in order to carry out personalized marketing, according to the Client’s option expressed through forms issued by / issued by the company.
  • analyzing the behavior of the Client / any person who accesses the site, by using cookies, both of the company and of third parties, in order to provide general or customized content, offers adapted to the interests of the users – for detailed information about the Cookie Policy please consult our web page;
  • for loyalty programs consisting of offering advantages, discounts, discounts to reward customer loyalty.
  • conducting internal analyzes (including statistical analyzes), both on products / services, as well as on the portfolio of clients, for the improvement and development of products / services, as well as carrying out market studies and analyzes on the products / company services for the improvement and development of products / services;
  • the archiving both in physical and electronic format of the documents, the realization of registration services of the correspondence addressed to the company and sent by the company, as well as the carrying out of courier activities;
  • settling disputes, investigations or any other petitions / complaints / requests to which the company is a party;
  • performing risk controls on the company’s procedures and processes, as well as conducting company audits or investigations;
  • making reports to the competent institutions according to the applicable legal regulations;
  • for video recording of the presence of persons in the physical locations of the company, in order to maintain a high level of security.
  • for a number of secondary purposes (eg for archiving, internal audit, external audit, etc.), these are always compatible with the main purposes, for which the respective data were initially collected by the company.

Profiling and automatic decision making at Solid Consult Time SRL.

In order to provide services and products the company produces various profiles regarding its Customers. These profiles do not require decision-making exclusively automatically. Such profiles are used in order to segment the portfolio of Customers for the development of products and services, as well as for ensuring the personalized promotion of the company’s products, as well as for ensuring the direct marketing activities taking into account the products owned by the Customers, their transaction history and preferences. results from the use of our products and services.

Recording of telephone calls made by Solid Consult Time SRL.

With the consent of the Client / data subject expressed before each telephone call, the company can record and keep the telephone calls to / from the telephone exchanges of the company. The company will use this information exclusively for the purpose of improving its services, investigating certain situations, to prove certain agreements given by the Client, or to use them as evidence in court in the event of a dispute.

Video monitoring made by Solid Consult Time SRL.

In order to ensure a high level of security corresponding to the operational activity, the physical locations of the company are monitored video. In these locations there are corresponding markings with specific symbols for the video recording, followed by the message „Video surveillance area”.

Duration of time for which the company Solid Consult Time SRL processes personal data.

In order to achieve the aforementioned purposes, the personal data will be processed by the company throughout the contractual relationship and after its completion in order to comply with the legal obligations applicable in the field, including, but not limited to, the archiving provisions.

The processing of the data that is based on the Client’s agreement (eg in the case of direct marketing and / or promotion of services and products, subscription to the electronic newsletter) will be processed by the company without a limitation of the period, with the possibility of withdrawing the consent of the Client at any time, which in addition will be restored for the Client’s view at a frequency of at most 5 (five) years.

The deadline for archiving the data processed by Solid Consult Time SRL is: 10 years.

The limitation period for the data processed by Solid Consult Time SRL is: 10 years.

The term of data processing in order to solve the legal problems at Solid Consult Time SRL level is: 10 years.

Recipients of personal data transmitted by the company Solid Consult Time SRL.

The recipients of the data can be:

  • associated operators:
  • authorized persons:
  • Service providers: IT services (maintenance, software development), physical and / or electronic archiving; courier; utilities; audit; support services; providers of market research, transmission of marketing communications, traffic monitoring and user behavior, online tools, personalization services of different types of marketing, marketing services through social media resources, content development services marketing forms; of debt recovery services and / or debt collection, evaluators, media agencies.  
  • authorities and institutions:
  • Judicial bodies in Romania and other countries, such as members of the courts, arbitration courts, prosecutors’ offices.
  • Investigation and support institutions for cyber security incidents.

In order to fulfill the aforementioned purposes, it is possible for Solid Consult Time SRL to transfer some or all categories of personal data outside Romania or within the EU / EEA countries. The EEA is made up of the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. This type of data transfer can take place if our servers (ie, the place where we store the data) or our suppliers and providers are located outside the EEA.

Before transferring personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) we will ensure that there are adequate safeguards to be used, including the signing of a Data Transfer Agreement, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and, if necessary, we will obtain authorization Competent Authority for Data Protection. The entity that receives the personal data must comply with the principles of the processing of the personal data provided in the Procedure for Cross-Border Data Transfer.

The rights of the Client / data subject and the ways of exercising them.

  1. Right of access to personal data – means the right of the Client to have access to the data in the completed form.

If the Client considers that this Policy for the processing of personal data is not sufficiently clarifying, he may have access to information by sending a request to [email protected] where you can find:

  • what is the purpose of the processing of personal data?
  • what categories of personal data are concerned?
  • who are the recipients to whom the personal data were provided?
  • what is the period for which personal data will be stored?
  1. The right to rectify data – if the Client notices that the personal data are inaccurate or incomplete, he has the right to request the rectification or completion of this data by sending a request to: [email protected].

If the personal data are not entered by the Customer, as a data subject, he has the right to request any available information regarding their origin, and this will be provided to the extent available and only if it can be identified the author of the data provision. For this, we will have to provide the data about the Customer to demonstrate that the data is not provided through its direct action.

The client can request separately to know if the data is processed or not, and if so, he can request access to them, as well as certain information about them. At the Client’s request, he may also receive a copy of the completed form or other format that the company owns.

The Client must be aware that any rectification may be made within a period of at least one month, but, under special conditions, this term may be extended to two months, in which case the Client will be informed of the extension.

Also, if we do not respond to the Client’s request for rectification or we will not answer them, but also if we do not reach an agreement regarding the rectification term, the Client has the right to file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority of The processing of Personal Data The person and an appeal in court.

  1. The right to delete the data or “The right to be forgotten” – is the Client’s right to obtain from our company the deletion of personal data from the site, without undue delay, and we, as operators, have the obligation to comply with the request in if there is one of the reasons:
  • data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or processed;
  • The client withdraws his consent on the basis of which the processing takes place;
  • when the Client opposes the processing of his data;
  • when there are uncertainties related to the legality of the processing of personal data;
  • if there is a legal obligation that we will respect as an operator;
  • if personal data belong to children under the age of 16, and parents or persons exercising parental rights withdraw their consent.

In our turn, depending on the technology available and the cost of implementation, we will take reasonable measures, including technical measures, to inform all processors who have had access to personal data regarding the fact that the Client has requested their deletion, including copies or link. to those referring to the respective data.

The situations in which we do NOT have the obligation to respond to the Client’s request to delete personal data are:

  • exercising the right to free expression and information;
  • compliance with a legal obligation;
  • reasons of public interest, in the field of public health;
  • archiving purposes for public interest, scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes;
  • finding, exercising or defending a right in court.
  1. The right to restrict access to personal data – means one of the following situations:
  • Rectification of incorrect or inaccurate data, the Client may request to restrict access to them during the period necessary for data verification and rectification;
  • if the Client discovers that the processing is illegal, but still does not wish to delete the personal data, requesting instead the restriction of their use;
  • if our company no longer needs the personal data or the storage deadline has been fulfilled, but the Client wishes to keep them for use in an action in court;
  • if the Client is against processing, then, he may request the restriction of access to his personal data as long as we verify that our legitimate rights as operators prevail over the right of the Client to oppose the processing. Also, if there is a situation of lifting the restriction on processing, the Client will be informed in due time.
  1. The right to withdraw the consent – for the processing of data only if the Client’s data is processed as a result of the express agreement, he has the possibility at any time to send an email to the [email protected] announcing that it is no longer according to the processing of personal data. Withdrawal of the agreement / consent to the processing of his personal data has the effect of ceasing communications and processing, as well as collaboration. The withdrawal of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent before its withdrawal.
  1. The right to data portability – is the possibility that the Customer has to receive the data provided in the format used by us today, but which can be read automatically. Also, the Client has the possibility to request that this data be transmitted – to carry – automatically to another operator (legal entity), as he will indicate.
  1. The right to oppose processing – applies only to particular situations or cases in which the Client is located; it is the Client’s right to ask us not to process his data for the purpose of creating profiles. Exception from this rule makes the situation in which there are legitimate reasons that prevail over the Client’s right to opposition, such as: finding, exercising or defending a right in court, of the Client or of another user.

All the aforementioned rights are executed by sending a written, dated and signed request to the email address: [email protected] with reference to ” GDPR request „, except for the right to address the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing and Justice (by exercising a single appeal), which is exercised by written request to the competent authority.